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Python Training Institute in Manikonda Hyderabad

Python is the Programming Language which is the most preferred for having the high-performance computing. Python is a general-purpose interactive, interpreted, object-oriented high-level programming language. python is powerful open-source language and flexible and is most simple and easiest programming language. Ganesh IT Technologies is the most reputed Python Training Institute in Manikonda Hyderabad that gives your career and a strong boost in trending technology.

course Content

Python Course Content
Core Python
Introduction to Script
Introduction to Python
Different Modes in PYTHON
Variables in Python
String Handling
Python Operators and Operands
Python Conditional Statements
Python LOOPS
Learning Python Strings
Sequence or Collections in PYTHON
Python Lists
Python TUPLE
Python Sets
Python Dictionary
Python Functions
Advanced Python
Python Modules
Packages in Python
Python Date and Time
File Handling
Python OS Module
Python Exception Handling
More Advanced PYTHON
Python Class and Objects
Python Regular Expressions
Python XML Parser
Python-Data Base Communication
Web Scrapping
Unit Testing with PyUnit
Introduction to Python Web Frameworks
GUI Programming-Tkinter
Data Analytics
Introduction to Machine Learning with PYTHON
Data Science
Internet of Things

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• Prerequisites
There are no particular prerequisites to learn Python course but basic knowledge in any of the programming language will be added a value advantage.
Duration 4 weeks 60 minutes session

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